Not just another steakhouse, Wagyu X prides itself in serving up a new Hokkaido special Wagyu crossbreed not commonly found outside Japan. After traversing Japan, Chef-owner Masahisa Takada stumbled upon a Hokkaido breed that is bred from the crossing of Kuroge black Wagyu cow and Aberdeen Angus bull, offering the distinctive marbling of A5 Wagyu and the robust flavour profile of Angus beef, delivering a luxurious texture that is neither too fatty nor too meaty with the perfect balanced flavour.

Masa and his co-founders named it Wagyu X, which also stands for Wagyu Cross (crossbreed). Wagyu X serves its steaks simply grilled with no-frills to let its natural flavours shine in a restaurant space that is approachable, casual and fuss-free.

Over The Moon at Wagyu X

Every visit to Wagyu X promises to transport you and your tastebuds to the moon and back. Central to its restaurant theme are imageries of the moon that double as lighting. Inspired by the children’s nursery rhyme of the cow jumping over the moon, it highlights Wagyu X as a place focused on the best of Wagyu by letting it shine as bright as the moon. 

Approachable, casual and fuss-free, it serves up quality meats and produce with a vibe that welcomes all with polished wooden tables and chairs. Honing in on its method of serving of steak with no frills, Wagyu X’s walls and floors are also kept minimalist with a limewashed finish. Anchoring the layout of the space is an open bar that pours a small selection of handpicked sakes, wines and spirits.

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